IPM - Industrie - Planung und Montage GmbH
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We work all over Europe for renowned customers of the following sectors:

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, refineries

Modernization of reaction units
Assembly of new plants, pipes of high, medium and low pressure made of various materials
Complete piping for production expansions
Erection of tank farms, including loading stations
Piping for tank farms, including assembly of pumps
Erection of Tego-Tex-, Cer-Electrolysis-, Plyether- und SI-Plants
Construction of various fire-extinguishing systems
Rection of various dosing facilities in tank farms
Piping of thickeners
Modification of air separation units
Construction of sludge- and water treatment systems as well as desalination plants
Construction of Thermal oil plants and steam supplies
Various expansions of mineral oil refineries
Construction of various chemical production plants
Piping of gas compression stations
Piping of refrigerating plants
Construction of a sodium sulfate plant
Expansion of a trioxane-plant, revision of a trioxane-plant
Construction of chlorine electrolysis, nitric acid plants und HCL-electrolysis
Piping of new units in the process of plant extensions
Maintenance and review of detonation safety barriers

Steel industry, foundries, mills, press and forge operations

Modification and extension of boiler houses
Piping of steel degassings
Modification of a 600t-press with water hydraulic system
Complete piping of furnaces and gas turbines
Assembly of a DH-vacuumplant
Erection of steam-, fedd water- and condensed water pipings
Construction of charging systems
Emergency water supply for electric furnaces
Recooling plants
Assemlby of various supply facilities
Erection of dephenoling-plants, ventilation and dehydration systems
Assembly and piping of pickling lines
Complete water supply system for a continuous casting plant
Construction of a steel degassing plant
Dust removal systems for sinter plants
Transfer of a vacuum degassing system
Assemlby of various vacuum steel degassing systems
Assembly of piping in hydrogen plants

Food industry, breweries, dairies, pet food industriy, malting plants

Bleaches and desorations
Fractionation and desorations
Piping and assembly of various coocking oil refineries and margarine plants
Construction of malting plants as well as malting plant modifications
Piping for von heat pumps, boiler houses, germinating vessels and refrigerating plants
Construction of a complete malting plant
Piping and assembly of deodorizing plants
Water treatment system and supply pipings for the expansion of a brewery
Piping and assembly of linseed oil und castor oil plants
Construction of a complete fat renderings including steelwork
Complete Construction of degreasing plants

Lacquer and paint industry

Construction of a chlorolyse Construction and assembly of complete production plants for wall paint
Piping and assembly of raw material and solvent tanks
Piping and assembly of colour mixing stations
Modification and maintenance of various production lines
Piping and assembly of production plants for print colours

Power plants, wood heating and power stations, waste incineration

Piping and assembly of various thermal power station
Sootblowers in various power plants
Construction of desoration plants und refinerys as well as high pressure steam units and modification of desoration plants
Piping of gas turbines
Assembly of a 40t steam boiler
Construction of a vaporize-crystallisation plant for a garbage incineration
Erection of flue gas desulphurizations and DeNOx plants

Plant construction and engineering offices

New construction of biodiesel plants with tank farms and land and sea loading
Construction of air cooling systems
Erection of fine vacuum evaporation facilities
Piping and refrigerating plant for ice rinks and ski halls
Piping of various heat pump plants
Manufacturing of loading arms for liquid gas
Construction of a urea plant
Assembly of various refrigerating plants
Thermal oil piping for drying ovens
Piping and assemlby of Omega 3 plants

For this customers we work project-related at a fixed price as well as in framework agreements with standard price lists.
Furtheremore we perform maintenance work at many locations.